? Frequently Asked Questions - What type of driveway gate should I choose?
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Frequently Asked Questions

What finishes are available?

We offer finishes including; enamel primer/paint, epoxy primer/paint, hot dip galvanizing, and baked on powder coating.  A variety of colors are available as well as custom tones for meeting specifications.  The installation location and the material itself often dictates the type of finish that can or should be used.

How will first responders get in my gate during emergencies?

Most municipalities require the use of the Knox Lock system.  Visit  http://knoxbox.com/ for more information.  Residential gates can be connected with an existing alarm system, Knox Lock devices, or can also use a siren operated device.  Visit http://www.sosgate.com/ for more information.

How do I overcome power outages at the gate?

Depending on the equipment that you choose battery backup is either built in, can be added on, or is not an option.  Each type has it's own means of emergency bypass that allows the gate to be moved by hand.  The frequency of power outages and the consequences associated with the outages should be weighed against the expense of backup power.

Do you sell solar powered access controls?

We can sell and install all forms of automation and access controls.  The amount and type of usage associated with your application will dictate whether solar power is right for you.  It will, however, limit the quantity and type of peripheral devices that can be used with your gate.  Solar powered automation can be charged from traditional AC current at a later time if you choose to run power to the gate area.

What type of gate is the most secure?

You are only as secure as the easiest access point to your property, which may not be your gate.  Generally a rolling gate is the most secure as it rolls shut between two fixed points.  Swinging gates can be locked with solenoid or magnetic locks but even these won't withstand certain amounts of aggressive vehicle pressure.  Rolling gates can sometimes be less aesthetically pleasing than single or bi parting swing gates.


What other considerations are often overlooked when planning for automated gates?

  • Deliveries (UPS, FedEx, Post Office, etc.)

  • Utility companies (monthly meter reading)

  • Possible reduction in homeowner's insurance premiums

  • Possible additional insurance coverage needs for the gate and controls

Still have questions?


Feel free to email or call us for further information about your specific needs and we'll be glad to help.

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